Accelerated Maths Reports

The Accelerated Maths reports provide more information about your students and classes and their progress toward Accelerated Maths objectives.

What is included in the report depends on your role:

  • Teachers with the standard capabilities can print reports for their classes.
  • School administrators and school staff with the standard capabilities can print reports for any classes in their school.
  • School network administrators and staff can print reports for classes in any school.

For more information about Accelerated Maths reports, click one of the links below.

Things to note:

  • Some reports can also be printed from the Assignment book, the Teams and Targets page or the Libraries page.
  • Teachers and administrators can also see some Accelerated Maths data in Consolidated Reports and on the Summary Dashboard.
  • You can view information about your classes, teachers and students in Renaissance Place. See the tasks under the products on the Home page.