About Groups

In the Assignment Book, you can set up groups of students. Each group can have a separate objective list assigned, and students can be in more than one group. By using groups, you can have students in the same class working on objectives at different year levels or doing other work in addition to the work done for the class as a whole.

Things to know about groups:

  • After you have set up groups in the Assignment Book, you can select the group that you want to work with using the Group drop-down list. You can also choose to view work for the Class, or you can choose Class Overview to see student work for the class and all groups.
  • Students who are part of a group are still part of the class as well, and they can be doing work for both places.
  • Students can be in more than one group.
  • Group members can only come from the selected class, not other classes. Groups are subsets of the class.
  • Each group name for the class must be unique, but you can use the same group name within different class Assignment Books.
  • Students can be working on the same objectives in more than one group (or for both a group and the class as a whole). When the status of an objective changes for a student in one place; it changes everywhere. For example, if the student masters an objective for a group, and that objective is also being used for the class, the objective is shown as mastered for the class, too.
  • All the work that a student does counts towards his or her targets and is reflected on team reports.

To start using groups in your class Assignment Book, create the groups and add students; then, create an objective list for the group or choose an objective list that already exists.