Creating a New Objective List

In Accelerated Maths, you can create your own list of objectives for your classes or groups within your classes.

Instead of creating your own lists, you can save time by using the objective lists that were automatically created for each installed library. These library lists include all objectives from the library in the default order. Note that you cannot change the objectives included in library lists, and you cannot change the objective order; if you need to make changes, you should either make a copy of the library list or create your own objective list.

When you create a list, you are the owner of that list, which gives you full control over the list information and the included objectives. If you are administrator, you can also choose to share the list with others. School administrators can share the list with their school. School network administrators can share it with any school. Only the owner or administrator can change Shared lists. Teachers cannot share the lists they create, but they can create private lists (My Lists).

The steps that you need to follow depend on your position. All users can create objective lists by going to the Libraries page. Teachers and administrators can create an objective list for the class or group they are viewing from within the Assignment Book; however, if you create a list starting within your Assignment Book, the list will automatically be assigned to the class or group you had selected on that page.

What would you like to do?

Create a list starting from the Libraries page (all users)

Create a list starting from the Assignment Book (teachers and administrators; selects list for class)