Deleting Unmarked Assignments

Follow these steps to delete assignments that have been generated for your students but not marked or completed.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Network/RP Administrators, School Administrators and Teachers

  1. On the Home page, click Accelerated Maths, then Assignment Book. If you have access to more than one school, use the School drop-down list to choose a school. If you have more than one class, click the Class drop-down list and select a class. If the assignment was done for a specific group, select the group from the Group drop-down list.

  2. To delete an assignment for one student, click the student's name in the list. The Student Detail page will show you more information about the student's work for the class or the selected group. (Make sure the correct group is selected in the Group drop-down list.) In the list of outstanding (unmarked) assignments, click Delete in the row for the assignment that you want to delete. The assignment will be deleted.
  3. To delete an assignment for multiple students, tick the box next to the name of each student who needs an assignment deleted. Then, click Regenerate/Delete on the left side of the page. On the Regenerate/Delete page, click the type of assignment you need to delete for the selected students; then, click Delete. The assignments will be deleted, and you will return to the Assignment Book.