Getting Ready for a New School Year

Before you start each new school year, you need to check, add, edit and delete information as needed so that teachers are ready to use Accelerated Maths with their new classes. Perform the tasks below when the previous school year has ended but before the start of the new school year.

If you want to use Accelerated Maths during summer school, you should wait to perform these steps. For tips, see Knowledge Base article 7901571 at

Renaissance Place Tasks for the New School Year

Before you get Accelerated Maths ready for the new school year, administrators or other non-teaching staff need to perform these tasks in Renaissance Place. You can find instructions for these tasks in the Renaissance Place help (use the search field above).

  • Add the new school year (must be done by school network administrators or school network staff).
  • Add the marking periods for each school (used for targets and reports) or copy the marking periods from the previous school year.
  • Add the non-teaching days for each school (used for report calculations) or copy the non-teaching days from the previous school year.
  • Set reporting periods for Renaissance Place Consolidated Reports.
  • If a properly formatted file is available from a student information system, import student, personnel, class and/or course information. You may also be able to import updates to student enrolments and personnel assignments.
  • Check to see which personnel are in the software and add, edit or delete personnel as needed.
  • Check to see which students are in the software and add or delete students as needed. You can also transfer students from one school to another, edit student information and edit student characteristics.
  • Review the course list for each school and add, edit or delete courses as needed.
  • Copy classes form the previous school year, or add classes to the new school year. (Classes do not carry over from one school year to the next, so you need to add them each year.)
  • You must also assign personnel to each class, choose the products the class will use and enrol students in each class.

Accelerated Maths Tasks for the New School Year

  • Set up groups if necessary for each class. (Groups allow some students to work on other objectives that the class as a whole is not working on.)
  • Check the available objective lists to make sure you have the ones that you need for your classes and groups.
  • Create/add new objective lists if necessary.
  • Select an objective list for each class and group.
  • Assign objectives to students in each class and group.
  • Set targets for students.
  • Set up team sets and add teams if you use them in your school or class.
  • Check preference settings. Since classes do not carry over from one school year to the next, the settings do not carry over either. You need to set preferences for this year's classes.
  • If your schools use Renaissance Home Connect, activate it for any new schools, and print Informational Letters for parents of your Accelerated Maths students.
  • Have your technology/computer coordinator do the following:
    • On new and updated computers, click Check Software Requirements on the Renaissance Place Welcome page to check for required supporting software. Recheck older computers as well. (Note: Make sure you are logged in to the computer with the rights or permissions required to install software for all users.)
    • Make sure each computer that will be used with Accelerated Maths has a shortcut or favorite set up for the current Renaissance Place address.
    • If you will be using AccelScan scanners, make sure they are connected to the computers where they will be used, and install the AccelScan Scanning software on those computers.
    • If you will be using NEO 2s or Renaissance Responders with Accelerated Maths, make sure that Renaissance Receivers are connected to computers, that you have given each Receiver Network a unique name and that the Renaissance Responder software is installed on those computers.
  • Generate the first practices.