Getting Started with Accelerated Maths

When you start using Accelerated Maths, first you need to add your personnel, students, courses and classes in Renaissance Place. Then, in Accelerated Maths, you set up or choose an objective list for each class, set up groups if necessary, assign objectives and generate the first assignments.

Renaissance Place Set-up Tasks

Before you start using Accelerated Maths, administrators or other non-teaching staff need to perform these tasks in Renaissance Place. You can find instructions for these tasks in the Renaissance Place help (click the book icon above, choose Other Help and click Renaissance Place).

  • Add the marking periods for each school (used for targets and reports).
  • Add the non-teaching days for each school (used for report calculations).
  • If a properly formatted file is available from a student information system, import student, personnel, class and/or course information.
  • Add personnel who will use the software (if not imported).
  • Add students who will use the software (if not imported).
  • Add, edit or delete courses as needed.
  • For each class, make sure Accelerated Maths is selected as a product and enrol students.

Accelerated Maths Set-up Tasks