Target History Report

The Target History Report summarises your student's progress toward targets for the marking periods in your school year. This report can be printed from the Accelerated Maths Reports page or the Teams and Targets page. For each student, the report includes this information:

  • Marking Period: The class marking periods used for targets (selected using the Class Marking Periods preference).
  • Objective Mastery: This column includes the student's objective mastery target for the marking period, which shows the number of objectives the student was attempting to master during the marking period. It also includes the actual number of objectives mastered so far during this marking period and the percentage of the target that has been achieved.
  • Practice Percentage Correct: The student's overall score on practice and exercise problems.
  • Regular Test Average Percentage Correct: This column includes the student's target for percentage correct on regular tests and the student's actual percentage correct on those tests. Diagnostic tests are not included in these figures.

The report also includes summaries for each class and for all classes on the report.

When you print this report, you can select the classes or students that you want to include and the reporting parameter group. You can also choose whether to identify (display) students by name or ID number.