Renaissance Home Connect

Depending on the settings chosen by your program administrator, you may have access to Renaissance Home Connect. If so, administrators and teachers will see a Renaissance Home Connect tab on the Home page. Once an administrator has set up Renaissance Home Connect, teachers or administrators can print informational letters that explain Renaissance Home Connect to parents.

Renaissance Home Connect allows your students to log in to complete work in some programs and view their progress. Students who are using Accelerated Maths can view the following:

  • the results of their last test
  • the results for their last practice or exercise
  • their average percentage correct for tests and for practices and exercises (including work done for groups)
  • the number of objectives they have mastered
  • a list of their mastered objectives and the ones that are ready to test

Students can also open Accelerated Maths to see the results of past work; depending on the setting of the Renaissance Home Connect preference, students may also be able to complete or mark their practices and exercises in Accelerated Maths.

Using the Informational Letters, teachers can provide Renaissance Home Connect information to parents so that they can also log in with the student's user name and password to view their child's progress. Students or parents can set up email alerts so that students' assignment results can be emailed to the addresses they choose.

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