Objective Lists

Using an objective list, you can specify the objectives that you want to include in the Assignment Book for one class or a group of classes. You can use the same objective list for more than one class.

Objective lists have a name, an owner and a sharing setting. If an administrator created the list, he or she may have chosen to share the list. Teachers cannot share lists. The list owner and administrators above the owner's level can change or delete an objective list. Shared lists created by the school network administrators can be used in any school; shared lists created by school administrators can be used in their school.

You may not need to create your own objective lists. Accelerated Maths automatically creates an objective list for each library. Each of these lists includes all objectives from the library in the default order. You cannot add objectives to these lists or remove them from these lists, and you cannot change the order. However, if you need to make changes, you can still save time by copying the list and making changes to the copy for your class.