A practice consists of assisted-response problems from objectives marked Ready to Work () or Assigned (). (Accelerated Maths determines which objectives to choose based on the status.) A practice reinforces what the student has learned about one or more objectives, and it provides the time-on-task necessary to progress and succeed. Practice assignments are individualised, and therefore encourage cooperative learning among students. Practices use assisted-response (multiple-choice) problems to help the student learn; the student knows that one of the four choices is the correct answer.

Students complete online exercises by logging in to the software. As they work on assignments, they can see resources to help them (peer help) and flag problems that they want to come back to. After they submit their work, students can see their score and view the problems they got wrong and the correct answer.

Students can mark paper practices in one of these ways:

Depending on the setting of the Marking preference, the student's next practice (online or paper) may generate automatically after the current practice is completed or marked.