Resetting Objectives

Follow these steps to permanently remove a student's work on an objective so that the student can start over. Resetting an objective returns the objective to the Assigned () status. All previous work on the objective will be lost.

If you are using groups, and your students are working on the same objectives in more than one group or in both a group and the class as a whole, resetting an objective in one place affects the other locations for the students.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Network/RP Administrators, School Administrators and Teachers

  1. On the Home page, click Accelerated Maths, then Assignment Book. In the Assignment Book, if you have access to more than one school, use the School drop-down list to choose a school. If you have more than one class, click the Class drop-down list and choose the class for which you want to reset objectives. If you need to reset objectives for a specific group, select the group from the Group drop-down list.

  2. In the Assignment Book, tick the box next to each student for whom you want to reset objectives. If you want to select all students, you do not need to tick any boxes before going on to the next step.
  3. Click Hold/Un-assign/Reset on the left side of the page.
  4. Tick the box for each objective that you want to reset. (You cannot select objectives with unmarked assignments.)
  5. If you selected more than one student, tick the box where the column for the objective and the row for the student intersect. If you want to select the same objective for all students, tick the box next to the objective number at the top of the column. To see the descriptions and libraries for objectives, position your mouse over the objective numbers or scroll through the list at the top of the page.

    Only some of the objectives in the list will be shown. Click to go to the next group of objectives, to go back one group, to go to the last group in the objective list or to go to the first group. You can also use the drop-down list in the middle of the arrows to choose a specific group of objective numbers.

    You can also search for specific objectives by clicking , entering key terms and clicking Search. The list will be limited to the objectives that matched your search. To see the full list again, click Show All.

    Click . Click it again to hide the standards.

    Click next to an objective description to see sample problems for that objective.

    Notice that this page uses symbols to show you the status of each student's work on each objective. To see the symbol name, position your mouse over the symbol or click Legend in the upper-right corner of the page.

  6. Click Reset. The Assigned () symbol will appear next to the objectives you selected.
  7. Click Done to return to the Assignment Book.