Accelerated Maths Resources

A number of resources are available to help you use Accelerated Maths in the classroom more effectively:

About the Software
Glossary Common Accelerated Maths terms.
Getting Started in the Classroom
Classroom Practices: Lower Years Tips for using Accelerated Maths with lower-year students.
Classroom Practices: Middle and Upper Years Tips for using Accelerated Maths with middle- and upper-year students.
Diagnostic Code Summary Codes from the Diagnostic Report and ideas for helping struggling students.
Organising Materials Ideas for helping students to organise their Accelerated Maths materials and assignments.
Scanning Routines Tips for setting up efficient scanning routines.
Student Routines Step-by-step plan for introducing students to Accelerated Maths.
Student Video—How to Use Accelerated Maths A walk-through of how students use Accelerated Maths (4:11, no audio).
Teacher Routines Steps for teachers who are setting up Accelerated Maths classrooms.
TOPS Report Discussion Routines Routines for organising TOPS Report discussion time.
Types of Accelerated Maths Assignments The four Accelerated Maths assignments and how to use them in the classroom.
Advancing Your Implementation
How to Read Maths Implementation Reports How to read and analyse Renaissance Place Implementation Progress and Status Reports.
Setting Targets with Students Steps for using the Student Maths Plan and Maths Target-Setting Chart to set student targets.
Forms and Charts
Maths Target-Setting Chart Used by teachers to help estimate objective mastery targets for students.
Student Target Chart Used by students to track the number of objectives mastered per week.
Student Maths Log Used by students to record the maths work they accomplish each day.
Student Maths Plan Used by teachers and students to set marking period targets for objective mastery and average percentage correct.
Differentiating Maths Instruction Study Research showing Accelerated Math's effect on student gains. 40 pages
Research Supporting Accelerated Maths A list of research providing the scientific foundation for Accelerated Maths.
Summary of Research on Accelerated Maths A summary of scientifically based research on Accelerated Maths.
Renaissance Honour Roll
Renaissance Honour Roll Get applications for Renaissance Honour Roll and related resources on the Renaissance Learning Web site.