School Summary Report

This report summarises year and class performance on Accelerated Maths assignments. The classes that are included depend on your role in the program; teachers will only see their classes.

For each class, the report includes the following:

  • the number of students in each class
  • the number of objectives that the class has mastered (total, average and median)
  • the average class percentage correct for practices, exercises, diagnostic tests, regular tests, all tests and review problems. (Review problems are for mastered objectives; they appear on practices.)
  • the percentage of students who are at risk (based on the number of objectives the students have mastered, their average percentage correct or objectives marked Intervene )

When you print this report, you can select a date range, and you can sort the classes on the report by class name or year. You can also choose whether to print the report options you have chosen on the report itself.