Marking Paper Assignments Using the AccelScan

After you install the AccelScan Scanning software on computers that have an AccelScan attached, you can follow the steps below to mark paper assignments by scanning cards with the answers recorded.

Before you scan students' cards, make sure that each student has entered the form number on the card so that the software can identify the student and the assignment. (Remember that different types of assignments have different form numbers.)

Do one of the following:

  • Check a printed copy of the assignment. The form number is at the top.
  • In the Assignment Book, hover the mouse pointer over the assignment date to see the form number.
  • Print a Status of the Class Report with the Assignments Generated section. This shows you the form numbers for all unmarked assignments.

The scanner is for paper assignments only. The Marking preference determines whether students can mark paper exercises and tests when using the AccelScan software's Pupil Mode. Students cannot mark free-response assignments; however, teachers can mark "A" for correct answers and "B" for incorrect answers on the scan cards and scan them when Pupil Mode is not selected.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Network/RP Administrators, School Administrators and Teachers

Follow these instructions to mark assignments by scanning cards:

  1. Verify that an AccelScan is connected to the computer. If the AccelScan has a switch, make sure that it is on.
  2. For Windows computers, click Start All Programs AccelScan Scanning Software AccelScan. (On Windows 8 computers, click the program in the list of all applications.)
  3. For Macintosh computers, open the folder where the AccelScan Scanning software was installed. (For OS 10.4 and later, open the Applications folder.) Double-click AccelScan in that folder.

    Whenever you start the AccelScan scanning software, it will check for updates. If a newer version of the software is found, the program will be updated or will give you the opportunity to update.

  4. On the Log In, the teacher or administrator must enter the user name and password and click Log In, even if students will mark their own assignments.
  5. After a few moments, the Ready to Scan page will appear.
  6. If the program notifies you that the scanner was not found or that there were problems communicating with the scanner, make sure the scanner is plugged in; then, click Scanner Settings and make sure that the correct port is selected.

  7. If students will scan their own cards, click (version 1.43) or (version 2.0). This puts the software in Pupil Mode.
  8. When the program is in Pupil Mode, students cannot change program settings, and they cannot mark exercises and tests if the class Marking preference does not allow them to do so. To exit Pupil Mode in version 1.43 of the software, click the File menu and select Pupil Mode again to remove the tick. To exit Pupil Mode in version 2.0, click the button again. You must enter your user name and password when you exit Pupil Mode.

  9. When the scanner is ready to mark, you or your student can insert the first scan card face-up into the AccelScan. The form number should go into the AccelScan first. The AccelScan will scan the answers on the card, mark the assignment and display a short summary.
  10. If the program finds a problem on the card, such as too few or too many answers, unreadable answers or an invalid form number, or if marking is not allowed because of the setting of the Marking preference for this class, the AccelScan software will notify you. To cancel marking, click Cancel. If the program does not find an assignment for the form number on the card, it will notify you; you can then either type in the correct form number and click Mark or click Cancel to stop marking so you can recheck the card. Click here for more troubleshooting tips.

    After marking a card, the AccelScan Scanning software will again display the Ready to scan message. The scan card will be ejected from the back of the AccelScan. If you have enabled automatic generation of the next practice using the Marking preference, the next practice may be generated and printed automatically if practice objectives are available. The TOPS Report will also be printed. To mark more cards, repeat this step.

    If you encounter problems with the AccelScan not scanning when the software is in the background on the computer, you need to enable background scanning in the scanner preferences. In version 1.43 of the AccelScan software, click the Edit menu and select AccelScan Settings to open the preferences. In version 2.0 of the software, click the AccelScan menu and choose Preferences. Tick the Allow Background Scanning box; then, click OK to save your changes. You cannot change preferences in Pupil Mode.

  11. When you or your students have finished marking assignments, click Log Out. The results for the cards that you scanned will be reflected in Accelerated Maths.