Status of the Class Report

The Status of the Class report can help the teacher plan the class activities for the day. You can print this report from either the Assignment Book or the Accelerated Maths Reports page. The report shows the teacher this information:

  • The action needed for each student (if any) - Assign Objectives, Generate Assignment, Generate Test or Intervene. If a student has objectives marked Intervene (), the report also shows the number of objectives. For example, if the student has "(2)" after "Intervene", the student has two objectives marked Intervene.
  • The number of each student's objectives marked Ready to Test ().
  • The date of the last completed assignment and the assignment type.
  • Which students have practices, exercises or tests that have been generated but not marked, and the date on which those assignments were generated.

The report then provides more information on students who need more intervention on specific objectives. It also lists objectives that are causing difficulty for the class as a whole. The Class Summary at the end of the report shows the overall assignment status for your class.

If you print this report from the Reports page in the software, you can choose the following options:

  • the classes to include
  • whether to include data from groups (teachers can select specific groups to include), and whether to display each group's details separately from the class information
  • the minimum number of students who must be struggling with an objective before it appears in the Objectives Causing Difficulties list
  • whether the Outstanding Assignments section appears on the report

The Outstanding Assignments section of the report shows you how many school days have passed since each student had work generated. It also gives you the form numbers for paper assignments (or "Online" for online assignments). The section also includes problem numbers for your students' unmarked assignments, and it shows the date on which each unmarked practice, exercise or test was generated.

If you print the report from the Assignment Book, you cannot customise it. The report will include your class, list objectives that are causing difficulties for at least three students and include the Outstanding Assignments section.