Student Record Report

The Student Record Report shows a history of each student's work on assigned objectives. It includes this information:

  • Active Objectives
    This section of the report shows information about objectives the student is working on. For each objective, the report includes the library objective code, the date the student was ready to take tests on the objective, the dates on which tests have been marked (completed) and the average percentage correct on the practices, exercises, tests and diagnostic tests for this objective. The scores include the number of problems the student answered correctly and the total number attempted. For example, if a practice column shows "80 8/10" for a student, the student's average score on practices for this objective was 80%, and the student answered 8 of 10 problems correctly.
  • Intervene Objectives
    This section of the report appears for students who have objectives marked Intervene () because the student's work has indicated problems. This section includes the library objective code, the date on which Accelerated Maths detected the need for intervention, the type of problems the student was working on for the objective (practice, test or review) and the average percentage correct for the last practice, all practice problems for the objective, exercise problems, regular test problems and review problems.
  • Mastered Objectives
    Above the mastered objectives, you will see the student's marking period target for mastered objectives and the student's progress towards that target. The list of mastered objectives includes the library objective code, the date on which they were mastered and the average percentage scores for practices, exercises, regular tests, diagnostic tests and review problems.

When you print this report, you can choose the classes or students you want to include, whether to include data from groups (teachers can select a specific group), whether to display group details separately from the class information, the reporting parameter group, the date range of the work included and the maximum number of mastered objectives that will be shown on the report. You can also require a page break after each student and choose to include only mastered objectives, and you can print the report options you have selected on the report itself.