How Students View Their Progress

Students can view their progress when they log in to the Accelerated Maths software, regardless of whether they have been using online or paper assignments. To view progress, students follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Renaissance Place.
  2. On the student Home page, select Accelerated Maths.
  3. If a Choose Your Class window opens, select the class that you want to see progress for; then, select Done. (You can change your class later by clicking the teacher name at the top of the page.)
  4. Select Progress at the top of the page.
  5. The progress page will open. This page shows you:
    • Where today's date is in the marking period (unless you chose the entire school year).
    • Your overall percentage correct for tests and for practices and exercises.
    • Your progress towards your percentage correct target and your mastered objectives target (if your teacher has set targets). A star next to the information means you have met the target.
    • How many tests you have taken, how many test problems you have worked and how many problems you have worked in all.
    • How many objectives that you are ready to take a test on.
    • Your percentage correct for review problems (from objectives you have already mastered).