TOPS Reports and Assignment Summaries

TOPS Reports give you an overview of your students' work on a particular assignment, and they give you the information you need to give feedback to your students. You can identify problems that are difficult for your students and give them additional help if necessary.

Students who log in to the software do not get TOPS Reports; however, they can print the assignment summary (Practice Summary, Test Summary, etc.) that they see after completing an assignment or when reviewing past assignments. Like the TOPS Report, the printed summary shows students their assignment score and their incorrect responses as well as their scores for each objective.

Teachers can regenerate TOPS Reports for all assignments, including those that students complete online.

For practices, exercises, tests and diagnostic tests, TOPS Reports and summaries provide information about incorrect responses, including the objective name and problem number. For assisted-response assignments, TOPS reports and summaries also include the student's incorrect answers, and they may include the correct answers.

TOPS Reports and summaries may also include information about the objectives on the assignment and the results for those objectives. In the results, the report shows the number of correct answers, the total number of problems from the objective and the percentage of problems from the objective that the student answered correctly. For example, if the Results show "4/6 (67%)" for an objective, the practice included six problems from the objective, and the student answered four of those problems correctly (or 67%).

TOPS Reports include overall results for the marking period and school year unless you regenerate a TOPS Report for an assignment that is not the most recent assignment. If the class does not last the entire school year, the results are for the class period, not the entire school year.

The TOPS Report and Online Review preference for each class determines whether the students' TOPS Reports will include a summary of work for the marking period and school year. For both TOPS Reports and summaries, the preference determines whether correct answers for missed problems and a parent signature line are included.