Team Standings Chart

The Team Standings Chart uses a bar chart to show you how teams are progressing toward their objective mastery targets. (The average percentage correct target for regular tests is not included in this report.)

The bar chart shows each team's progress toward targets as a percentage. The percentage is equal to the number of objectives mastered by team members divided by the team target. For this calculation, the number of objectives mastered by a team member is limited to his or her individual target so that strong team members cannot have too great an effect on the team's achievement.

Important! The Team Standings Report is always based on your students' current team assignments. If you change the teams your students are assigned to, then run a report for an earlier time period, the report will show the team standings based on the current teams, not the teams the students were assigned to at the time.

You can print this report from the Teams and Targets page or the Accelerated Maths Reports page. When you print this report from the Accelerated Maths Reports page, you can choose the team sets to include and control how teams are sorted (by name or rank). You can also choose a specific marking period or predefined date range for which you would like team standings, and you can choose whether to print the report options you have selected on the report itself.

Note that all of a student's work applies to his or her targets, regardless of whether it is done for a group or for the class as a whole.