Using Renaissance Responders with Accelerated Maths

If you purchased the 2Know! Classroom Response System, your students can use the Renaissance Responders to enter their answers to paper assignment (not online assignments). Before you can do this, you must make sure the Renaissance Responder client program is installed on each computer that has a Renaissance Receiver attached. Before students start using Responders, please note:

  • Make sure your students have their printed assignments. The Renaissance Responder does not show the problems.
  • Students can use Renaissance Responders for assisted-response assignments, but not free-response assignments. They can use the Responder to complete practices; the Marking preference determines whether students can also use the Responder for exercises and tests.
  • If you are also using the AccelTest software or the 2Know! Toolbar, please note that you cannot use more than one program with your Receiver and Responders at the same time. The Receiver and Responders will only recognise the first program you started.

To allow students to use the Responder for Accelerated Maths assignments, follow these steps:

  1. Windows computers: In most versions, you will find the program in the Start menu; for Windows 8, you will find it in the list of applications.

    Macintosh computers: You will find the program in the Applications folder.

    Note: If the program cannot communicate with your server, click Server Settings and enter the name or IP address of your Renaissance Place server; then, click OK.

  2. Enter your Accelerated Maths user name and password; then, click Log In. The Renaissance Responder program will start, with the Renaissance Wireless Server running in the background. In the Renaissance Responder program, you can see which students are working on assignments, the form numbers and assignment types and which items they have completed.
  3. Ask your students to press the On/Off button on their Responders to turn them on.
  4. Join Session will be highlighted in the main Responder menu. The student should press the Select button. If the student accidentally highlights another menu item, the student can use the arrow buttons to go back to Join Session.
  5. The Responder will search for the available Renaissance Receivers.
  6. If the Responder shows a list of Receivers, each student should use the arrow keys to highlight the correct Receiver in the list; then, the student should press Select. If your school has more than one Receiver, the student may see more than one Receiver in the list. To make sure students select the correct Receiver, you may need to change its name so that it is different from other Receivers in your school.

    If the Responder asks if you want to stay connected to a specific server, the student should press yes (True) or no (False), then Enter.

  7. Next, the student must enter his or her form number for this assignment and press Enter.
  8. If the Responder tells the student to wait until the assignment is retrieved, the student must press Enter again.
  9. When the Responder shows the student's name and form number, the student must press yes (True). (If the name is incorrect, the student should press no (False) and try entering the form number again.)
  10. The student must press Enter to continue.
  11. Now, the student can press the letter buttons (A, B, C, D or E) to enter the answer to each question. After choosing an answer, the student must press Enter to enter it and go on to the next question.
  12. If the student wants to skip a question, the student can press Select and enter a specific question number. The student can also press the ? button and then use the arrow buttons to scroll through the questions: goes back one problem, and goes forward one problem.

  13. When the student has answered the last question, the Responder will ask if the student is ready to submit the work. The student can press yes and then Enter to submit the assignment.
  14. The student must press Enter again when the Responder says the session is complete.
  15. When all students have finished the assignment, you can click End Session in the Renaissance Responder program to send their marks to the Accelerated Maths software. If some students are not finished, the program will ask you whether to mark the portions that are complete only or to discard answers to assignments in progress; click an option and click OK.