Form Number

Form numbers are used for paper assignments, not online assignments. Each paper practice, exercise, test and diagnostic test has a form number printed at the top. Accelerated Maths uses form numbers for two purposes:

  • Form numbers identify the paper assignment when you mark it. If the student enters his or her answers on a scan card, the student enters the form number at the top of the scan card. If the teacher marks the assignment by entering the answers at the keyboard, the teacher enters the form number before marking the assignment. If the student uses the Renaissance Responder or NEO 2 to enter his or her answers for the assignment, the student must enter the form number first.
  • Form numbers tell you when you need to start using a new scan card. Accelerated Maths assignments do not include enough problems to fill a standard scan card. To help you get the most use out of your scan cards, Accelerated Maths starts a student's next assignment with the next available problem number on the scan card. When there are not enough blank problems left on the card for the assignment you are generating, Accelerated Maths will print a new form number on the assignment.

Important: Each type of paper assignment has its own form number and requires its own card, even if a card has not been used up for another assignment type.