Accelerated Reader Overview

Renaissance Accelerated Reader empowers teachers and makes differentiating reading practice effortless while maintaining the flexibility necessary to fit within existing class routines. Students select and read books, then take short comprehension quizzes. Rich dashboards and reporting provide you with the insights necessary to identify quickly which students need more support. Accelerated Reader includes Reading Practice Quizzes, Vocabulary Practice Quizzes and Literacy Skills Quizzes. Recorded Voice Quizzes are also available for emergent readers. Accelerated Reader also includes high-interest non-fiction articles and short quizzes about those articles.

How It Works in Your Classroom

A typical Accelerated Reader session operates something like this:

  1. You assign Reading Practice targets and certification levels for the students in the Accelerated Reader record books and goals area.
  2. Students either choose a book to read or read books you have assigned to them.
  3. Students use Accelerated Reader to search for and take the quiz for the books they have read.
  4. Accelerated Reader marks each student’s quiz, and the student can see their results: their scores, how many questions they answered correctly and how many points they earned if they passed the quiz.
  5. You and the student discuss the quiz results.