Accelerated Reader Reports

The Accelerated Reader reports provide more information about your students, teachers, classes, quizzes, teams and the results of your students' Accelerated Reader quizzes. Teachers can print reports for their classes. School staff and school administrators can print reports for any classes in the school. School network staff and administrators can print reports for any classes or students in any school.

The Accelerated Reader reports are split into several categories. Click any category below to see more information about the reports in it:

  • Reading Practice reports: This group includes the Diagnostic - Reading Practice, Favourite Books, Marking Period Progress, Quiz Usage, Reader Certification Certificates, Reader Certification Levels, Student Record, Target History, Targets Met, Team Standing Chart, and Word Count Reports.
  • Vocabulary Practice reports: This category includes the Diagnostic - Vocabulary Practice, Student Record, Words Learned and Words to Study Reports.
  • Literacy Skills reports: This group includes the Literacy Skills Status and Student Record Reports.
  • Quiz Management reports: This group includes the book labels and vocabulary labels.

If you want reports for a previous school year, click School Years on the Home page and choose to work in that school year. You can then select the report.