Certifications Preference

This preference can be found under the School Student Quizzing preferences.

This setting shows the minimum scores a student must achieve on Reading Practice Quizzes for the book and the points to count toward reader certifications. If the student's score is below this level, then neither the book nor the points will count toward a certification target, even if the score allows the student to pass the quiz.

Note: The Reading Practice Pass Mark preference in the School Student Quizzing preferences sets the pass marks; by default, students pass quizzes with 10 or fewer questions by earning at least 60%, and they pass quizzes with more than 10 questions by earning at least 70%.

To view or change the Certifications preference setting, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, click Accelerated Reader; then, click Preferences in the menu that opens.
  2. Select Student Quizzing in the School Preferences section of the Preferences page.
  3. If necessary, choose a school from the School drop-down list on the View School Student Quizzing Preferences page. If you scroll down toward the bottom of the page, you can see the current setting of the Certifications preference for the school.

If you are a school administrator or school network administrator, you will also have an Edit Student Quizzing link at the top of the page. If you want to change the Certifications preference, select the link.

If you scroll down toward the bottom of the page, you can then change the Certifications preference setting for the selected school. Click the minimum passing percentage that you want to require in order for quizzes and points to count toward certification targets. If you change this setting or other settings on the page, click Save to save your changes or Cancel to leave the page without saving.