Accelerated Reader Tips for Getting Started

Add Your Students, Teachers, Courses, and Classes

For more information, see Setting Up Renaissance.

Get Student User Names and Passwords

Students will need to know their user names and passwords so that they can log in to take quizzes and see their progress. See User Names and Passwords.

Set Preferences

Accelerated Reader has school, class and student-level preferences that help you decide how the program should work. You can set authorisation password requirements (and the password itself), some passing percentages and decide whether to use TWI monitoring and book ratings. You can also restrict when students can take quizzes or restrict quizzing by book level or interest level. To see these and other preferences, on the Home page, select Accelerated Reader; then, select Preferences. For more information, see Accelerated Reader Preferences.

Record Books and Targets

There are five class Record Books that you can use to guide and monitor your students' work. Follow the steps below to get to the Record Books:

  1. On the Home page, select Accelerated Reader, then Record Books and Targets.
  2. If necessary, use drop-down lists to choose the school and class that you want to work with. Click My Classes in the School drop-down list if you want to see only the classes you are assigned to as a teacher.

Set Reading Practice Targets

We recommend that you set four Reading Practice targets individually for your students for each marking period assigned to the class:

  • average percentage correct
  • daily reading time
  • total points earned
  • average book level on passed quizzes

To go to the Targets page, select Accelerated Reader on the Home page, then Record Books and Targets. Then, on the Record Books and Targets page, select Reading Practice Targets. On the Edit Reading Practice Targets page, you can set student targets. See Setting and Editing Reading Practice Targets with Star Reading.

Set Certification Targets

Reader Certifications are milestones that recognise students' reading achievements. You can set Reading Practice Certification targets for your students. Note: If you enable the TWI Monitoring Preference, the program automatically tracks your students' progress towards the targets you set and awards the certifications they achieve.

To see and set certification targets, go to the Record Books and Targets page and select Reading Practice Certifications. To set the targets, see Setting a Reading Practice Certification Target for a Student.

View the Available Quizzes

To view information about the quizzes that are available. On the Home page, select Accelerated Reader, then Manage Books and Quizzes.

On the Manage Books and Quizzes page, you can select a quiz type to see the quizzes that are available.

On the page for each quiz type, you can search for quizzes, use filters to narrow the list, and take sample quizzes.

If you are an administrator, you can also select Manage Books and choose to hide some books from students.

Note: You, your students and parents can also use Accelerated Reader Bookfinder ( to see which books have Accelerated Reader quizzes. For more information, see the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder help.

Students Take Quizzes

Once you have set preferences and given students their user names and passwords, students are ready to take Accelerated Reader quizzes.

Students log in to the software and select Accelerated Reader.

Then, they search for a quiz. In the search results, they select Take Quiz. Students answer the questions and see their results after the quiz. For step-by-step instructions, see Taking an Accelerated Reader Quiz.

Viewing Student Progress

Students can view their progress in Accelerated Reader, including their progress towards targets and a bookshelf of the books they have read.

Students and parents can also view their progress and their bookshelf in Renaissance Home Connect. For more information, see Renaissance Home Connect and Accelerated Reader.

Teachers can see student quiz scores in the Record Books for Reading Practice Quizzes, Literacy Skills Quizzes and Vocabulary Practice Quizzes. They can also see scores in the Reading Dashboard in the Track Student Work and Review Student Results views.

Reports are also available to teachers and administrators. To find them, on the Home page, select Accelerated Reader, then Reports. Then, select a report category and report name. Reports are PDF files, so you will need a browser or program that can open PDF files (such as Adobe Reader). For more information, see Accelerated Reader Reports.