Honours Reader

There are several reader certification targets that you can set for your students using the Reading Practice Certifications Record Book. Each one has its own requirements that the students must meet to be certified at that level.

Certification targets are different from the Reading Practice targets that are set in the Reading Practice Targets Record Book.

Honours Reader is a special type of reader certification. To earn Honours Reader, the student must:

  • Independently read books from a special list of challenging literature (teachers and librarians create the list of books students choose from).
  • Accumulate 100 points from the books that were read.
  • Meet the minimum scoring requirements set in the Certifications Preference for the Reading Practice Quizzes taken on the books that were read.

You cannot set Honours Reader as a certification target in the software, nor can Accelerated Reader monitor progress toward it. The teacher must manually keep track of each student's progress. You can use the TOPS Report or the Student Record Report to help you monitor student progress toward Honours Reader.