Literacy Skills

Accelerated Reader monitors 24 literacy skills found in national standards and on many national tests. These skills are grouped into four categories: Constructing Meaning, Inferential Comprehension, Literary Analysis and Initial Understanding. The skills that Accelerated Reader monitors are listed in the table below:


Literacy Skills

Constructing Meaning

Identifying the Overall Message

Responding to Literature

Recognising Persuasive Language

Identifying Reading Strategies

Differentiating Fact and Opinion

Deriving Word or Phrase Meaning

Inferential Comprehension

Recognising Cause and Effect

Making Predictions

Making Inferences

Drawing Conclusions

Comparing and Contrasting

Extending Meaning

Literary Analysis

Understanding the Author's Craft

Identifying Historic and Cultural Factors

Describing Characters

Understanding Literacy Features

Identifying Setting

Identifying Plot

Initial Understanding

Identifying Sequence

Identifying the Function of Dialogue

Identifying Feelings

Identifying Details

Identifying Reasons for Events

Describing Events