Before Students Quiz on a NEO 2

Starting in July 2017, students will no longer be able to take Accelerated Reader quizzes using NEO 2. If students have been using NEO 2s for quizzing, after July, have your students log in through the web browser on a computer or tablet (7 inches or larger).

Before students can takes AR quizzes on NEO 2, make sure the following have been completed:

  1. Install NEO Manager (see the NEO User Manual for instructions).
  2. Connect the Renaissance Receiver to your computer and name the Receiver.
  3. Set the Renaissance Place address in the Renaissance Wireless Server Utility.
  4. Set the School and Class Student Quizzing preferences for your class.
  5. Make sure students know their user names and passwords.
  6. Make sure the students know the quiz number. On NEO 2 students may only search for quizzes by the quiz number. (The quiz number can be included on book labels.)