Connect To and Name a Renaissance Receiver

Starting in July 2017, students will no longer be able to take Accelerated Reader quizzes using NEO 2. If students have been using NEO 2s for quizzing, after July, have your students log in through the web browser on a computer or tablet (7 inches or larger).

Follow these steps to connect a Renaissance Receiver to your computer:

  1. Find the Renaissance Receiver and the USB data cable.
  2. Plug the end of the data cable that is nearly square into the connector on the back of the Receiver.
  3. Connect the USB connector on the data cable to the matching USB port on your computer.

How to Name the Receiver

It is important to set a name for the computer/Receiver combination so that students know they are connecting to the correct Receiver when they use NEO 2 for taking AR Quizzes. This is especially important if your school has more than one Renaissance Receiver.

The Renaissance Wireless Server Utility is automatically installed with NEO Manager. Make sure you have installed NEO Manager before you follow these steps.

  1. Start the Renaissance Wireless Server Utility:
    • Windows computers: Right-click in the lower-right corner of your computer screen (the system tray) and choose Manage from the menu that appears. If you do not see this icon in your system tray, click Start > All Programs > Renaissance Wireless Server > Renaissance Wireless Server Utility.
    • Macintosh computers: In your computer's Applications folder, open the Renaissance Wireless Server folder. Then, double-click Renaissance Wireless Server Utility.
  2. Click Start if necessary.
  3. Type 1234 and click OK to log in. (This is the default Administrator PIN. If you have changed the PIN, enter your new PIN.)
  4. Click the Server Settings tab.
  5. Enter a new name in the Network Name field. Make sure the name is different from the name of your school's other Receivers.
  6. Click Update Network Settings.
  7. Click OK when the program finishes updating the network settings. Make sure your students know the Receiver name.