Accelerated Reader Preferences

You can use the Accelerated Reader preferences to control how the software works for your school, class or individual students. School preferences are set for each school. Class preferences are set for each individual class. Individual Student Preferences at set for individual students.

Some preferences are available at both the school level and the class level. These preferences can only be changed at the class level if permission is granted using the school-level preference.

Who can do this with standard capabilities?

School Network Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers

School network administrators and school administrators can change the School and Class preferences. Teachers can view the School preference settings and can change the Class preference settings for their class. School network staff and school staff can only view the School preference settings. However, the availability of these options will depend on the capabilities you have been granted and whether you are assigned to any Accelerated Reader classes.

For more information about each Accelerated Reader preference, click any of the preference names listed below. To go to the Preferences page, on the Home page, click Accelerated Reader, then Preferences.

School preferences

Class preferences

Individual Student Preferences