Reading Level

Reading level relates to an individual student's reading comprehension ability. The Reading Level is the level at which a student is at least 80% proficient at recognising words and comprehending reading material without assistance. Reading Level scores are Nursery, Reception, Year Levels 2-13 and above. If a 7th-year student has a Reading Level of 8, he or she reads 8th-year level words and books with 80% accuracy or better.

Reading level indicates the most difficult text a student can comprehend based on a test (such as Star Reading) or results from Reading Practice Quizzes. For example, a reading level score in Star Reading measures the highest level at which a student can comprehend short passages on a test. This is not the same level that a student should be expected to read consistently and for long periods (such as up to 60 minutes of daily reading practice). The reading level scores can be used to estimate a range of book levels that are appropriate for a student.