Ready Reader

There are several reader certification targets that you can set for your students. Each one has its own requirements the students must meet to be certified at that level.

Certification targets are different from the Reading Practice targets that are set in the Reading Practice Targets Record Book.

Ready Reader is one of the reader certification levels. To earn Ready Reader, the student must:

  • Accumulate five points on books Read To, Read With and/or Read Independently.
  • Meet the minimum scoring requirements set in the Certifications Preference for the Reading Practice Quizzes taken on the books that were read.

We recommend that a student re-certify no more than five times at this level.

If the TWI Monitoring Preference has TWI monitoring on (ticked), the program can track each student's progress and award certifications automatically. However, if TWI monitoring is off (not ticked), or if you have not set certification targets for your students, the program cannot track your students' progress. In those cases, you could award certifications manually.

You can print customisable award certificates using the Reader Certification Certificates.