Accelerated Reader Resources

A number of resources are available to help you use Accelerated Reader in the classroom more effectively:

Forms and Charts
Student Reading Log—Beginning Reader Monitor student daily reading for beginning readers.
Student Reading Log—Emergent Reader Monitor student daily reading for emergent readers.
Student Reading Log—Established Reader Monitor student daily reading for students who are reading independently.
Student Reading Log—With Targets Monitor student daily reading. Includes area for recording targets.
Student Reading Plan Helps you set and keep track of student targets.
Status of the Class Record Sheet Helps you keep track of which students you have spoken with each day.
Target-Setting Chart Helps you set individual student reading targets.
Target-Setting Chart for Lexile® Measures Helps you set individual student reading targets using Lexile® measures.
Resources to Get Started
Classroom Practices—The 10 Most Important Lists the recommended 10 key practices to help ensure reading success for all students.
Classroom Practices in the Primary Years Tips to help with your Accelerated Reader implementation in the early years.
Labelling Books for Accelerated Reader: Tips for Librarians Offers librarians practical suggestions for labelling their library books for use with Accelerated Reader.
Target Setting Best Practices Explains ZPD and reading practice targets, describes the target-setting process and provides best practices for adjusting targets.
Resources to Advance Your Implementation
Criteria for Accelerated Reader Certification Levels Describes Reader Certification Levels and the criteria required for each level.
Diagnosis and Intervention Strategies Tips for guiding practice so students average 85% or above on Reading Practice Quizzes.
Honours Reader Certificate A printable PDF to use with students who meet Honours Certification.
Literacy Skills Teacher's Guides Find Teacher's Guides for Literacy Skills Quizzes.
Quizzes—Using Literacy Skills Quizzes Explains what Literacy Skills Quizzes are and how to use them in the classroom.
Quizzes—Using Vocabulary Practice Quizzes Explains what Vocabulary Practice Quizzes are and how to use them in the classroom.
How to Read Implementation Status and Progress Reports for Reading How to read and analyse Renaissance Place Implementation Status and Progress Reports.
Target Setting—Using the Student Reading Plan Explains five types of targets and how to set them with students using the Student Reading Plan.
Teams in Accelerated Reader Classrooms Suggestions for using cooperative reading teams in the classroom and how to monitor and recognise results.
Research and Other Resources
Accelerated Reader: Understanding Reliability and Validity This document summarises the reliability, validity and usability of Accelerated Reader quizzes. It also describes the purpose and intended use of AR and how quizzes are developed.
Summary of Guided Independent Reading This 28-page report summarises a study of more than 50,000 students who read 3 million books. Results show that guided independent reading practice with feedback accelerates growth. The report also stresses the importance of average percentage correct on quizzes and finds that teachers are the key factor in student success.
Using Readability Levels to Guide Students to Books This 4-page document explains what readability formulas can and cannot do; how the ATOS Readability Formula for Books works; and how to use readability levels, interest levels and student reading levels to match books to students.
Renaissance Honour Roll
Renaissance Honour Roll Get applications for Renaissance Honour Roll and related resources on the Renaissance Learning Web site.