Taking a Sample Vocabulary Practice Quiz

Who can do this with standard capabilities?

School Network Administrators, School Administrators, School Network Staff, School Staff, Teachers

You can take a sample Vocabulary Practice Quiz so that you can see how a specific quiz is presented to students.

  1. On the Home page, select Accelerated Reader; then, select Manage Books and Quizzes.
  2. On the Manage Books and Quizzes page, select a school if necessary from the School drop-down list.
  3. Select Vocabulary Practice Quizzes.
  4. You will see the Vocabulary Practice Quizzes that are available.
  5. Find the quiz that you want to preview.

    You can use the drop-down list to sort the list by title (A to Z or Z to A) or by relevance to a keyword that you search for.

    To find a specific quiz, use the search field to search for it. You can search by words in the title, author's name or quiz number.

    To find quizzes that meet specific criteria, click Filters to the right of the search field. Then, select the filter that you want to use on the left. You can choose to see quizzes that are fiction and/or non-fiction, quizzes with certain interest levels based on the book's content or quiz titles within a specific book-level range (ATOS and/or Lexile® Measure). You can also select quizzes published within a specific date range. For filters with tick boxes like the one shown below, simply tick the boxes for the types of quizzes that you want to include, or tick Select all in the top right corner.

    For filters with ranges, drag the two circles to set the lower and upper ends of the range. In the example below, ATOS Book Level ranges from 4 to 8 will be included.

    For filters with date ranges, enter or select the start and end dates.

    To clear any filters that you have selected, click Clear All at the bottom of the filter pop-up window.

    To close the filter window and see the results for the filters you have chosen, select Close in the bottom-right corner of the filter window. The quizzes that match your criteria will be listed, and you will see the filters you applied below the search field. To remove any of the filters and see the adjusted list of quizzes, select X () on that filter. To remove all filters, select Clear All to the right of the filters.

    To see the vocabulary words for a quiz, select View Vocabulary. You will see the words, year levels and definitions. Select Done to go back to the list of quizzes.

  6. Select Take Sample Quiz for the quiz that you want to see.
  7. If the button is unavailable, you have not been given the capability to take a sample quiz.

    If the selected school has no classes, you cannot take a sample quiz; you will see an error message if you select Take Sample Quiz.

  8. If the School Student Quizzing preferences require an authorisation password before Vocabulary Practice Quizzes, you will be asked to enter the authorisation password. Enter the password; then, select OK. (You can see the password by viewing the School Student Quizzing preferences.)
  9. If your school has set Date and Time Restrictions in the preferences, you cannot preview quizzes during days or times when student quizzing is not allowed. You may be able to enter the authorisation password to override the restrictions if this is allowed by the Override Authorisation setting in the Date and Time Restrictions.

  10. The quiz will open to the first question. Select an answer; then, select Next.
  11. Like students, you may see review questions from other quizzes in addition to questions from the selected quiz.

    You can stop the quiz and go back to the Vocabulary Practice Quizzes page at any time. Simply select Stop Quiz in the top left corner of the page.

  12. If the School Student Quizzing preferences require an authorisation password after Vocabulary Practice Quizzes, you will be asked to enter the authorisation password. Enter the password; then, select OK.
  13. When you finish the quiz, you will see your results.
  14. Click Close on the results screen to go back to the Vocabulary Practice Quizzes page.