School Administrators

With default capabilities, school administrators can add, edit, view or delete information about courses, classes, personnel and students at their school. School administrators can also enrol students in classes, manage capabilities for school users and print Renaissance Place reports.

Within Accelerated Reader, by default school administrators can view and delete student quiz records, manage student targets and certifications, manage team sets and teams, print Accelerated Reader reports, view quizzes, manage quiz availability, manage book level settings, set and change the preference settings for their school and any class or student at their school and view and print the resources.

For more information on the Accelerated Reader tasks a school administrator can perform, click any of the links below:


Accelerated Reader Tasks

To find out more about the Renaissance Place tasks that school administrators can perform, enter a search term at the top of this help page. You can also click the Other Products tab when viewing the Contents; then, click Renaissance Place to see the Contents for the Renaissance Place help.