Students - How to Use Accelerated Reader

Your students can log in to Accelerated Reader in a browser on a computer or tablet. Even though students go to the same web address that teachers and administrators go to, students can only access the section of the program that allows them to take quizzes and perform other student tasks. Students cannot access the information that is in the section of the program that teachers and administrators use.

Students who log in to Accelerated Reader can take quizzes, view their progress (including targets and points) and view information about the quizzes they have taken. They can also see ideas for books to read based on their own reading, their Zone of Proximal Development, their interest level and reading by their peers. Books that are in your library are marked with the (in school library) icon if you have imported MARC record information.

In Renaissance Home Connect, if available, students can also view their performance on their last Reading Practice and Vocabulary Practice Quiz taken, overall progress towards targets and a bookshelf with all the details of the books the students read and quizzed on in Accelerated Reader.

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