How Students Find Ideas for Books to Read in Accelerated Reader

On the Reading tab, students will see Top Book Ideas for You, Non-fiction Book Ideas and Award-Winning Book Ideas, with a series of book covers under each heading (as shown below). Accelerated Reader suggests books for students based on:

  • the books they have quizzed on so far
  • their Zone of Proximal Development and Interest Level
  • books that other students are reading

Books that are in your library are marked with the (in school library) icon if you have imported MARC record information.

Students can select one of the book covers to see more information, including the title, author, book level, fiction/non-fiction classification, quiz number, points, whether Recorded Voice is available (shown with ), whether the book is in your library collection and a description. They can also choose to view the vocabulary words for the book if a Vocabulary Practice Quiz is available. The information can help students decide whether they would like to read one of these books next.

If the administrator makes some books unavailable to students, those quizzes will not show up for students in the book ideas. It may take up to 5 minutes for books you have made unavailable to be hidden for students.