TOPS Report

The purpose of a TOPS Report is to provide immediate feedback to the student and teacher about the student's performance on a Reading Practice, Vocabulary Practice and Literacy Skills Quiz. It provides a means of student/teacher interaction and can be shared with parents or others to help students celebrate their successes. TOPS Reports are not accessed from the Reports section of the program; instead, these reports can be set up to print automatically after a student finishes a quiz.

For Reading Practice and Literacy Skills Quizzes, you can choose to have a TOPS Report print after passed quizzes, failed quizzes or both by using the TOPS Report Printing Preference. Using the same preference, you can choose to have a TOPS Report print after the student finishes a Vocabulary Practice Quiz.

You can also choose to reprint the TOPS Report for any quiz a student has taken.

Reprinting Reading Practice TOPS Reports

Reprinting Vocabulary Practice TOPS Reports

Reprinting Literacy Skills TOPS Reports

Note: The date and time shown on the TOPS Report are based on when the student completed the quiz.