Average Book Level Target

There are four targets that you can set for your students using the Reading Practice Targets Record Book:

  • average percentage correct
  • daily reading time
  • points
  • average book level (using the book level selected in the Book Level Settings

A student's average book level is the average level of the books on which the student passed Reading Practice Quizzes during a particular marking period. Accelerated Reader calculates the average ATOS book level as a weighted average based on word count (to take into consideration not just difficulty of the text but also the amount of time spent reading). When setting a target for average ATOS book level, consider the student's reading level and Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD), which is a range of book levels that are neither too easy nor too challenging (and listed on the Target-Setting Chart and the Target-Setting Chart for Lexile® Measures found under Forms and Charts on the Resources page). We recommend setting the average book level as a minimum target - at or near the lower end of the ZPD.

Reading Practice targets are different from the Reading Practice certification targets that are set in the Reading Practice Certifications Record Book.