Vocabulary Practice Quizzes

Vocabulary Practice Quizzes help you maximise students' word acquisition through reading practice. Vocabulary Practice Quizzes contain 5, 10 or 15 questions covering the vocabulary words found in the books they have read. You and your students can view vocabulary for quizzes. Vocabulary Practice Quizzes are designed to be taken immediately after a student has taken and passed the Reading Practice Quiz on the book.

You can set the Vocabulary Practice Student Comprehension Preference to require students to pass the Reading Practice Quiz prior to taking the Vocabulary Practice Quiz for the same title. If you enable this preference, after a student passes the Reading Practice Quiz, the program will ask the student if he or she would like to take the Vocabulary Practice Quiz.

Vocabulary Practice Quizzes may include review words, including second-try new words, first-try review words and second-try review words.