Viewing the Class Quiz Set-Up Preference

Who can do this with standard capabilities?

School Network Administrators, School Administrators, School Network Staff, School Staff, Teachers

If you do not have access to any Accelerated Reader classes at your school, the program will show you the default settings for this preference.

  1. On the Home page, click Accelerated Reader, then Preferences.
  2. Click Quiz Set-Up in the Class Preferences section on the Preferences page.
  3. If necessary, choose the school and class you want to view from the drop-down lists on the View Quiz Set-Up Preferences page.
  4. The View Quiz Set-Up Preferences page shows which types of quizzes the students in this class can take.
  5. The pencil graphics show you which type of quizzes the setting applies to: indicates Reading Practice Quizzes, indicates Literacy Skills Quizzes, and indicates Vocabulary Practice Quizzes.

    The Quiz Set-up Preference also includes restrictions for the class based on book level and interest level. Students will only be able to find and take quizzes on books in the specified book level range or with the specified interest levels. Book level and interest level restrictions set in this preference cannot be overridden by the teacher because the student cannot find quizzes with book levels or interest levels that you have chosen not to allow.

    When you have finished, use one of the links along the left side of the page to return to the Preferences page or to go directly to one of the other preference pages.