Words to Study Report

The Words to Study Report can be found under the Vocabulary Practice Reports. For each student, the report shows the number of words the student needs to study because he or she has chosen an incorrect definition in Vocabulary Practice Quizzes; it also lists those words. The report also shows the words possible (the total number of words that have been in the students quizzes), the number of Vocabulary Practice Quizzes taken and the average year level for the words. The report shows which words the student has answered correctly in review, which have appeared on the student's quizzes for more than one title and which words the student has learned multiple definitions for.

A summary for each student shows the number of words the student answered correctly on the first try, on the second try and overall. (The report includes statistics for both new words and review words.) For each category, the summary includes a percentage correct.

To generate the report, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, click Accelerated Reader; then, click Reports in the menu that opens.
  2. On the Reports page, click Vocabulary Practice.
  3. On the Select a Vocabulary Practice Report page, if necessary, choose a school from the School drop-down list.
  4. Click Words to Study in the list of reports.
  5. Select the report options. You can choose the following:
    • Which classes or students to include
    • Which reporting parameter group to use (this allows you to include students by enrolment date, ethnicity, gender, language, characteristics and/or year)
    • Which time period to include (a predefined or custom date range)
    • How to sort information on the report (by year or word)
    • Whether to group information on the report (do not group or group by class)
    • How to display the words for each student (in a list, or in a format that can easily be cut out by or for students - if you choose cutout, you must also choose whether to include definitions)
    • Whether to display the student ID on the report (the ID is displayed by default)
    • Whether to start each student's information on a new page (page break)
    • Whether to print the selected report options on the report
  6. Select View Report.
  7. As the program generates your report, you will see the Report Progress page. When the report is ready, it opens in Adobe Reader or your default PDF reader in the browser window or a separate window.
    • Click Customise this Report to go back and choose different options for the report and generate it again.
    • To select another report, click Select a Different Report.