Using Mobile Devices with Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader (AR) iOS app will not be supported starting in July 2017 and will be removed from the iOS app store. However, after July students can continue to use Accelerated Reader on tablets that are 7 inches or larger; simply use the web browser to log in and use the software.

The Accelerated Reader mobile app allows students to take Reading Practice Quizzes, Recorded Voice Quizzes, Vocabulary Practice Quizzes and Literacy Skills Quizzes using an iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch®. The quiz information is sent to Accelerated Reader RP via a wireless connection.

Anyone can view a demonstration version (by tapping Try Demo on the Settings screen) of the AR student app that does not require a login or an Accelerated Reader account. The Demo mode can be use with or without an Internet connection.

Once the students have logged in, they can use the tabs on the bottom of the screen to switch between the different views in the AR student app.

  • Tap Quiz to search for and take an Accelerated Reader Quiz.
  • Tap Bookshelf to view the books for which AR quizzes have been taken and the quiz scores earned on each.
  • Tap Progress to view student progress toward Reading Practice Targets, Reader Certification and newly learned Vocabulary Practice words.