Viewing Search Results

There are multiple things you can see and do under both Search Results and Refine Your Search.

Search Results

  • The number of titles that came up in your search result list is noted , in addition to how many titles you can see on the current page.
  • If there are multiple pages, you can use Previous and Next to move between them , or type a page number after Go to Page then select Go.
  • From the Sort By drop-down list select another option:
    • Title and Author: Alphabetical (A to Z). You cannot reverse the order (Z to A). Author sort is by last name.
    • Interest Levels: Lower grade levels are listed first.
    • Book Level: The lowest book levels are listed first.
    • Relevance (Quick Search only): The most relevant books are listed first. Relevance is how well a book's title matches the search criteria, as determined by the search engine.
    • When students finish taking an Accelerated Reader Reading Practice quiz for a book, they may vote to say how they liked the book.

      The star rating is calculated from all student votes (nationwide) for the past twelve months. It is updated weekly. Possible ratings are: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4 stars.

      If the book has not been rated, this field will say "Not yet rated".

  • Select the cover image or title to view the book details page for that book.
  • For books that are available in myON Reader, you will see the myON Reader logo. Renaissance myON Reader is a student-centered, personalised literacy platform that offers unlimited access to enhanced digital books.

Refine Your Search

The number of titles is noted in parentheses after each link for this list of search results. To narrow the results, select one of the options.

Your choices are:

  • Interest Level
  • Fiction/Non-fiction
  • Topic: Topics are categories assigned by Renaissance to help organise search results from both an advanced search and search results. Some special topics are:

    Award Winners/Nominees lists books that have won awards. The list of awards used for this topic is larger than the list of awards shown under Collections.

    myON Books are books that are available in myON Reader.

    Non-fiction Articles are articles available to students in Renaissance software. Students can select and read these articles and then take a quiz.

    Reading Promotions lists book collections from reading promotions.

    Series groups books that are part of a series. Both general and specific series are included. General series have sub-series within them. You can search using either the very broad series name or the more specific sub-series name.

    What Kids Are Reading lists books from Renaissance Learning's annual publication, What Kids Are Reading. To see the titles in rank order or to simply learn more about this exciting report, please visit: