You can export a list from Accelerated Reader Bookguide as either a

  • tab-delimited export text (.txt) file or
  • an HTML (.html) file.

The text (.txt) export file can be opened and saved in a spreadsheet program. An HTML export file can be saved as a web page which can then be posted on your school's website.

See Searching for Books and Quizzes and Book and Quiz Lists for more detailed information on how to find and include information on the list that you want to export.

Follow these steps to export a list:

  1. On the Home page, click List Management.
  2. On either the List Management or Active List page, click Export. The Book List Export page opens.
  3. If the list you want to export is not selected, select it from the List drop-down list.
  4. Select the format of the export.
  5. Click Text if you want a .txt file export.

    Click HTML if you want an .html file export. Then, type a title for the HTML export in the text field.

  6. Select the sort order for the titles in the export. Your choices are title (default), author's last name, quiz number or book level.
  7. Click Generate Export.
  8. When your export file is ready, the Book List Export page opens with instructions about how to use your .txt or .html export file.
  9. To use an HTML export file, click HTML Export File to open the file in a new tab or new browser window. Then, use the browser's save capability to save the file and choose a file name and location.

    To use a Text export file, click Text Export File to open the tab-delimited file. Then, save it to your computer.

  10. When you have finished, click Done to leave the Book List Export page.