There are three different kinds of reports in Accelerated Reader Bookguide, all of which you can print using your PDF reader (such as Adobe Reader).

Book-Related Reports

  • Book List Report: The Book List Report shows the book titles in an Active List or search results. See Book List/Search Results Report.
  • Book Details Report: The Book Details page provides all the information available about the book, including the title, author, quiz number, a book description, how many copies you have, book level, points, word count, book type, Interest Level, custom fields, call number, topic-subtopic, book series, publisher, ISBN, year published, number of pages and other lists in your school containing this title. See Book Details Report.
  • To view the Book Details on any book, click that book's title from your book list or from search results.

  • Book Label Report: You can print book labels from Accelerated Reader Bookguide to use on the books that you own. See Book Label Report.
  • Search Results Report: The Search Results Report shows the book titles in the search results. See Book List/Search Results Report.

Import Results Report

The CSV File Import Results Report can show either the non-matching records or the matching records. You can generate both versions of the report if you need to. See CSV File Report.

Informational Letter

The Informational Letter explains how to use Accelerated Reader Bookfinder; it should be sent home with students to give to their parents or guardians. The letter includes a description of Accelerated Reader Bookfinder, instructions for using it and the Keycode used to access the Teacher Lists in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder.