Accelerated Reader Bookfinder

Renaissance Accelerated Reader Bookfinder is a web-based search tool used by parents, guardians and students to search for appropriate Accelerated Reader books. For more information, see the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder help.

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder can be used two different ways:

Accessing Accelerated Reader Bookfinder

Anyone can access Accelerated Reader Bookfinder by going to On the Welcome page, select Pupil, Parent, Teacher or Librarian; then, click Submit.

How Accelerated Reader Bookfinder Works

In Accelerated Reader Bookfinder, you search for titles and add them to your AR BookBag.

The AR BookBag is a temporary holder, similar to a "shopping cart". You can add or remove titles in the AR BookBag. You can then print the list of titles in your BookBag so you can reference the list at a library or bookshop.

Searching in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder includes two types of searches:

Teacher Lists

You can designate the Book Lists that you create in Accelerated Reader Bookguide as Teacher Lists. These lists can be viewed by parents, guardians and students in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder if they enter your keycode. The keycode is automatically generated by Accelerated Reader Bookguide, and there is one keycode for each account.

The keycode is printed on the Informational Letter. Teachers print the Informational Letter in Accelerated Reader Bookguide and send it home with their students to share with parents or guardians.

You can also view the keycode in the Personal Preferences when you edit the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder preferences. In those preferences, you can also choose whether quiz ownership and book ownership will also be shown to parents, guardians and students in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder.

In Accelerated Reader Bookfinder, users enter the keycode to the left of the Quick Search tab and select Go. They can then see the Teacher Lists tab, which lists the Teacher Lists from Accelerated Reader Bookguide, and they can select a Teacher List to open it.

For more information about Accelerated Reader Bookfinder, see the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder help.