Personal Preferences

The Personal Preferences let you change what is shown in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder and the number of titles that you see per page in Accelerated Reader Bookguide.

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder is a search tool that enables parents, guardians and students to find Accelerated Reader books, either using a search or using the Teacher Lists that you create in Accelerated Reader Bookguide. The Accelerated Reader Bookfinder Preferences allow you to see the Keycode used to access Teacher Lists, show the ownership status of books and print an Informational Letter.

To set the preferences, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, click Preferences. The Personal Preferences page will open.
  2. Click Edit to view or change the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder Preferences.
  3. Tick Show Book Ownership data if you would like parents, teachers, librarians and students to see the books your school owns when you search for book titles on the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder website.
  4. Your email address will show in the Email Address field. Remove the tick mark from the Print Email Address box if you do not want your email address to be shown on the Informational Letter.
  5. You can print the Informational Letter from this page. See Informational Letter for more details.
  6. Your name appears in the Informational Letter as it was entered in your user account.

  7. Select Save to save your Accelerated Reader Bookfinder preferences. Then, select Cancel to go back.
  8. To change the number of titles shown per page in Accelerated Reader Bookguide, select the Titles per Page drop-down list and choose whether to have 10, 20 (default), 30, 40, 50, 75 or 100 titles appear on a page. The setting is saved until the next time you change it. Your setting does not affect other users - it only sets the number of titles that you see.