About Renaissance Accelerated Reader Bookguide

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In Accelerated Reader Bookguide, you can do the following:

You can search for specific books and quizzes. See Searching for Books and Quizzes. (Quiz types are Reading Practice, Literacy Skills and Vocabulary Practice.)

Using the basic search, you can search for a title, author, quiz number or ISBN. Using the advanced search, you can search for title, author, publisher, point range, book level range, book type (fiction or non-fiction), interest level, topic, subtopic, custom fields, book or quiz ownership status, book location, quiz release date and quiz type.

Note: Accelerated Reader Bookguide comes with all available quizzes. Your quiz database is automatically updated once a week with new and revised quizzes.

Accelerated Reader Bookguide allows you to match the books you have with your quizzes. This can make it easier for you to verify whether you have quizzes for the books in your library collection.

You can either mark your books manually or import a CSV file or MARC records file with information about your books. See Importing.

You can create, save, open and use your Book Lists to print book lists, print lists of titles for your reference and print book labels. See Book and Quiz Lists.

When you click a title in a book list, you can see Book Details.

You can print the following:

In the Personal Preferences, you can do the following:

  • determine how many book titles appear per page
  • set up Accelerated Reader Bookfinder preferences, which include:
    • viewing the keycode for Accelerated Reader Bookfinder
    • showing book ownership data in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder
    • including an email address in the Informational Letter
    • printing the Informational Letter

In the General Preferences, you can do the following:

  • define book locations
  • set the book levels used
  • set up your own custom user fields

You can export a list from Accelerated Reader Bookguide. The export is formatted as a tab-delimited export text (.txt) or HTML (.html) file. See Exporting.

You can import these types of files:

  • a comma-separated value list (such as book titles) as a CSV file
  • MARC Records

See Importing.

You can view your user account information (including the school activation code, subscription expiration and school contact) and change your user password. You can also invite other users to Accelerated Reader Bookguide. For more information, seeĀ User Accounts.