CSV (Comma Separated Value) Files

If you have information about the books in your school's library stored in another database or spreadsheet, you can create a CSV (comma separated value) file of that information. You can import the CSV file into Accelerated Reader Bookguide.

When you import the CSV file into Accelerated Reader Bookguide, you can:

Matching records are books that match quizzes you own. Non-matching records are books that do not match quizzes you own.

How to Format a CSV (Comma-Separated Value) Text File

  1. Open the CSV text file that your are working with.
  2. Verify that the file has the words ISBN, Title and Author as a header at the top of the document. Use commas to separate the words in the header. Do not include spaces between the words/commas in the header. The order of the header words must match the order of the data.
  3. Example: If the data for each book is listed as the ISBN number, then the title and then the author, the headers must be in the order ISBN,Title,Author.

  4. Verify that the author names are formatted correctly. Author names must be (1) in quotes and (2) in the sequence Last Name, First Name. Make sure there is a space before the author's first name.
  5. Click File, then Save As and save the file with a ".csv" extension.

CSV File Import Results Report

The CSV File Import Results reports can be used to search for titles that are in your school's collection, making it easier for you to match your books to the quizzes you own.

After you import your CSV File from your library circulation system into Accelerated Reader Bookguide, Accelerated Reader Bookguide separates the titles in the import into two groups:

  • The Matching record lists the books in your CSV File that matched titles in Accelerated Reader Bookguide.
  • The Non-matching record lists the books in your file that did not match titles in Accelerated Reader Bookguide.

Usually, if a book in your collection does not match a quiz in the Accelerated Reader Bookguide database, there is either no quiz for that book, or the quiz was based on an earlier edition of the book in your collection. If the book in your collection is a revision of one used to create an Accelerated Reader quiz, you will have to manually mark this book as one you own. See Marking Books and Quizzes for more information.

After a successful CSV File import and when you are ready to print the CSV File Import Results report, you can choose to view either the Matching or Non-matching records. See Checking Import History and Printing Results.